Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant Having

Closed circuit crushing system was gathered in only one platform and can be carried via articulated lorry. It can perform actions alone more than enough that classic crushing plants can do.

It is our one of the most prefered in the World and Turkish market.

It is primary and secondary funciton is gathered only one machine thanks to special adjustment blocks. It is unique with its high reduction ratios up to 50 times. Its feeder chamber is suitable for feding with excavator and loader and in permanent operation, feding can also be performed via truck with additional chambers.

All abrosion points in the feeder and chamber can be changed and protected with abrasion shields.


  • Capcity 150/200t/h
  • Vibrating feed and its chamber
  • GMDK-250 (110) Dragon Crusher
  • Feed Chute 1000x1000mm • Rotor 1400 x 1000mm
  • Engine Power 160 KW
  • In the main conveyor band system, there is conveyor rubber of 1000 mm and through vane tape
  • Vibrating screening system having the tape of high capacity Size: 5000 x 1600 x 3 Fold
  • Titreşimli elek sistemi yüksek kapasiteli tip
  • Engine Power 15 KW • Under screen stock conveyor of 1000 mm and with foldable type
  • 2 stock conveyors of 600 mm and foldable type • Recycling collection conveyor of 1.600 mm
  • Recycling conveyor of 2.600 mm • Mobile Chasis Systems • Special constriction chasis with 3 axels.
  • Generator system is 500 KW with 6 cylinders and disel engine • Total Weight: 45.000 Kg
  • Shipment Sizes: Width 3.000 mm x Length 15.000 mm x Height 4.500 mm